April 6, 2020

Docker Plex Part 2c

Docker Volumes Mapping

Docker Volumes Mapping

Each of the services in the docker-compose file has a mapping being done from the host machine's filesystem to the container's filesystem.

Each of the services rely on each other during the download workflow.  If we take downloading a movie for example:

  • Radarr gets a request to download a movie
  • Radarr goes through the workflow outlined here
    • Step 5 in the workflow is where the folders start to take importance
  • When Sabnzbd start the download, the incompleted download is being downloaded in the /incomplete-downloads folder in the container
  • On the host, that folder is being mounted in /media/incompleteDownloads
  • So if you ever wanted to see files that are still in the process of being downloaded, you can always check /media/incompleteDownloads from your host machine
  • Once that download completes, Sabnzbd move that file to /downloads in the container
  • Again, that is mapped to /media/completed in the host
  • The important piece here is that /media/completed is also being mounted on the Radarr container
  • So now that the movie finished downloading and moved it to the completed folder, Radarr now see that movie in the container's /downloads folder
  • Radarr does it's folder and file renaming and the moves that folder from /downloads to /movie within the container
  • This /movie folder again is also another shared folder between the host's /media/movies and the Plex container's /movies folder
  • So in the Plex container the /movies folder now see's the updated/renamed folder that Radarr dropped off there and imports the movie for your view pleasure

Here is a quick visual to hopefully get an idea of how those folders all work with each other: