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Did something go wrong? Maybe something below can help.

Power Outage

If the power has gone out and you need to restart everything follow these steps.

Restarting Services

Most of the containers can simply be restarted with a ''docker restart $container_name''. But
there are a few that are running via docker-compose which would require you to ''cd'' into the directory
that contains the proper compose yaml and run the ''docker-compose restart'' from there.

Below I will break down each service that can be ran with a ''docker restart'' and which need a ''docker-compose''

Docker Restart

Docker Compose Restart

Upgrading A Container Image

Did you get some sort of notification that there's an update available, or did you hear about a new
version of one of the applications? In the folder ''/home/raph/dockerRaph/githubstuff/dockershfiles/''
you can find all the bash scripts or yaml files used to start up services. Simply find the folder/file
that was used to start up the application and either


Download Requests

Did someone ask you to download a movie or TV Show? Check the [[odrallag:plex_infrastructure#orchestration|Orchestration]]
page for instructions on how to use Sonarr/Radarr to download NZBs or Deluge to download torrents.